Verbena, Lemon Lippia citriodora

verbenaCommon name: Herb louisa, lemon-scented verbena, Verveine citronelle or odorante. Verbena triphylla, Lippia triphylla, Aloysia citriodora.
Occurrence: originally from Peru and Chile, it was introduced into England in 1784 and is now a common garden plant.
Parts used: the leaves and flowering tops.
Medicinal uses: febrifuge, sedative. This herb has similar uses to balm, peppermint, orange flowers and spearmint in relieving flatulence, indigestion and dyspepsia through its antispasmodic and stomachic actions. It is commonly made into a refreshing tisane. The leaves of lemon verbena were once used in finger bowls at banquets and the essential oil distilled from the herb was used to impart a strong lemon scent to cosmetics and soaps.
Administered as: tea.

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